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Introducing Myself...

Hi all!

The name's Cassandra, though I often go by Cass. I've been a complete book whore for as long as I remember. If you go by what my mom says, I've been reading since two years old. I'm a 20-something year old mama to two wonderful kiddos that rock my world.

I'm into all things YA and the occasional adult book, though I have to be in the right mindset for adult fiction. My favs are dystopian, sci-fi and fantasy. Contemporary reads are great in my book as well, but nothing can beat a good fantasy setting.

I started Reading Beneath the Moon because:

  • The book blogging community is super awesome!
  • I have an obsession with reading that no on in real life understands.
  • I want to make like-minded friends.
  • I want a way to stay up to date on all the awesome books that are published. 
Well, that's enough for now. Wish me luck on this journey!! 


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